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The Benefits of Growing Plants Indoors

benefits of hydroponics

The Benefits of Growing Plants Indoors

by Stefano

Have you ever wondered about the different ways you can benefit from hydroponic gardening?

Indoor gardening may seem a bit overwhelming to start, but it certainly doesn't have to be. Keep reading for tons of information and tips about the benefits of hydroponics and why indoor gardening may be a good fit for you.

Let's get started!

What Is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening means taking the garden out of the ground.

It's the process of growing plants and providing them with all of the perfectly balanced nutrients that they need without the use of soil. Depending on the grower's preference, a substitute for soil can be used, or nothing at all.

Because hydroponic gardening doesn't involve soil, it's a very accessible way to garden indoors. This type of gardening provides many benefits, from ease of use to the quality of the plants to health benefits for you!

Roots of hydroponic gardening can be traced back to the first century. It's no wonder that human beings have been striving to achieve this level of gardening for so long- the benefits of hydroponics are bountiful, as are the harvests it produces!

Is It Complicated?

The short answer is: it doesn't have to be.

Hydroponic gardening could be as simple as one little plant, in one plastic container with a growing medium, without any grow lights or automation involved.

But, if you want all the bells and whistles, you can make your hydroponic growing operation as large and complex as you want. If you prefer a less hands-on approach, you can create an entirely automated hydroponic garden that you can control from virtually anywhere.

The Benefits of Hydroponics

Bigger, Better Plants

Gardening indoors will allow your plants to flourish to their fullest potential.

Nutrient Absorption

Using hydroponics, plants are receiving exactly the nutrients they need without any effort.

Instead of having to pull nutrients from the soil that would normally surround them,  hydroponic plants are effortlessly given pH balanced nutrient solutions through sand, gravel, fibrous plant-based material, or a number of other growing media that allow for super easy access.

When you remove the difficulty that soil provides in absorbing nutrients, a plant will grow to be the most healthy that its genetics allow.

Soil Can Be Dangerous for Plants

Beyond disrupting nutrient absorption for your plants, soil can also pose active dangers for them.

Bacteria, mold, and aggressive insects can live in the soil that surrounds your plant and its roots. Getting rid of these issues is time-consuming and very difficult, and can't be done while plants are growing. Truly sterilizing soil will also cost you a pretty penny.

Hydroponic media are generally easy to sterilize and keep clean, preventing diseases from reaching your plants in the first place.

Protection from Pests

Another one of the many benefits of hydroponics is the protection that it provides for your delicate plants.

Whether it be deer, rabbits, root feeders, leaf chewers, borers, or sap suckers, having an outdoor garden puts your plants in harm's way constantly. Garden pests can be very difficult to keep away and can demolish an entire crop in no time at all.

Having an indoor garden eliminates this danger completely, allowing your plants to flourish to their full potential.

But, pests don't stop at animals and insects. Another outdoor danger for your plants? Weeds.

Because hydroponic gardening takes place indoors and there is no soil involved, there is no risk of pesky weeds overtaking your garden and killing your precious plants.

Seasons Don't Exist Indoors

Instead of needing to grow and harvest plants seasonally, hydroponically grown plants can be replaced as soon as is needed.

This quick turnover is another one of the great benefits of hydroponics.

Tastier Food

Because of all the protective reasons listed above, when you grow food plants hydroponically, they are able to reach their fullest and tastiest potential!

Organic, fresh, and at their genetic perfection... you can't get a much better tasting plant than that.

A Healthier You

Not only is hydroponic gardening beneficial for your plants, it's also beneficial for your health! Here's how. 

Stress Relief

Satisfaction is stress relieving. Learning and exercising new skills is stress relieving.

And what could be more satisfactory than growing and harvesting your own garden indoors? Not much!

Getting back to your ancestral roots with the ancient tradition of gardening just may give you the sense of calm that you've been looking for.

Calorie Burning

Burning calories may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of gardening, but it's happening whether you think about it or not!

In fact, gardening burns around 200-400 calories per hour! Who knew that losing weight could be one of the benefits of hydroponics?

Combine that with growing some healthy vegetables to eat, and you're on your way to a much healthier lifestyle all around.

Plants Without Toxins

Because the danger of aggressive plants has been eliminated with hydroponics, the need for herbicide is also eliminated.

What does this mean? No toxic chemicals need to be sprayed on your plants! And this is good news, whether you're eating them or not.

Clean plants and a clean indoor environment mean healthier plants and a healthier gardener too.

Freedom of Location

Because the materials needed for hydroponic gardening aren't conditional, you can build an indoor garden just about anywhere!

The days of needing fertile soil and an agriculturally friendly habitat are over. And the days of needing to own land that exists in these climates, and paying for it, are over as well!

Also, if you grow crops for a profit, it's far more cost-effective to be able to grow them indoors at a place near to the people who are buying them.

There You Have It

Now that you know the benefits of hydroponics, it's time to get going and start your own garden!

Need some materials? Shop around to get everything you need to get started.

Want more info? Check out more informative articles like this one on our blog. Happy gardening!

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